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Skeeter Launches New Multi-Species Web Site - 05-13-2011

Skeeter Launches New Multi-Species Web Site


KILGORE, Texas, May 13, 2011 –  Skeeter Products, Inc., manufacturer of Skeeter brand boats, today launched its new micro-web site at www.skeetermultispeciesboats.com, providing an informational and interactive experience to its visitors, and supporting the needs of current Skeeter owners, and those shopping for a new Skeeter boat. 


“The new Skeeter Multi-Species web site will provide a clean and organized way for our owners and potential owners to find out more about Skeeter Performance Fishing boats dedicated to their specific product interests,” says Darin Coats, Creative Services Manager for Skeeter Products, Inc. “We are launching this new site in conjunction with our new MX1825 Multi Species boat, which is a great way to kick off the summer season.” 


Over this summer, the new site will continue to be filled with testimonials from customers on the new products, regional demo ride information, as well as news and updates on our new product lineup for 2012.  “The new site will enable customers to find their nearest Skeeter dealer, show off their trophy fishing photos, and interact with other customers around the fishing community,” added Coats. 


The new site will include a Products Section, where potential buyers can review product photos, videos, specifications, performance bulletins, the Skeeter warranty and Owner’s Manual; a Features Section, providing detailed information about the features offered in a Skeeter walleye or multi-species boat; a Testimonials Section, so you can hear what others are saying about their boat; a Community Section, where Skeeter multi-species owners can create their own gallery of photos for everyone to see, book a guided trip from one of our anglers or communicate with others through our fishing and boating blog; a News Page, to follow the latest information about Skeeter: and the Build My Skeeter Page, where you can completely customize the Skeeter you are looking for.  

Accompanying the new site additions, Skeeter Boats is making it easier to join the Skeeter family around the world incorporating several new social-networking links in the Community section. Facebook users can choose to like Skeeter Boats on the popular social-networking site, post pictures and comments about their own rig or any other fan post available (facebook.com/skeeterteam); follow Skeeter on Twitter (twitter.com/skeeterteam) or watch the leader in boat innovation on Skeeter’s YouTube channel (youtube.com/skeeterteam).


“Skeeter has made the boat buying decision much easier by providing both our owners and potential owners with a tool to learn more about Skeeter’s Multi-Species products and services, as well as providing a place for Skeeter Multi-Species owners to congregate online to share stories, obtain fishing tips or show off a nice catch,” added Ben Jarrett, Skeeter’s Director of Marketing and National Sales Manager.  


Skeeter Products, Inc., a leader of performance fishing boats, is proud to support America’s fishing consumer for half a decade.   Skeeter is the recipient of nine consecutive NMMA® C.S.I. Customer Satisfaction Index awards, and its boats are certified to meet strict U.S. Coast Guard and American Boat & Yacht Council standards. For a catalog call (800) SKEETER, or for more information visit www.skeeterboats.com. For a catalog call (800) SKEETER, or for more information visit www.skeeterboats.com.   EAT. SLEEP. FISH.


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