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Please Note: Online registration is per calendar year. By registering now, you will be registering for the 2014 Real Money Program.

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I agree to the following conditions:
  • I must own a SKEETER boat powered by a Yamaha engine.
  • I will meet all qualification guidelines outlined with each sanctioned tournament trail and Participating Rules of the SKEETER Real Money Program for each event.
  • I will meet the clothing requirements listed and wear required apparel during all competition days when applicable.
  • I will place the official SKEETER Real Money decal on the driver’s side windshield of the boat.
  • I understand that SKEETER’s decision is final in all matters determining the eligibility and claims of the SKEETER Real Money Program.
  • I understand to allow 4-6 weeks for payment of qualified claims.
  • I understand that SKEETER Boats and Yamaha Marine Group will file a Miscellaneous Income Form 1099, in conformity with IRS regulations, for each paid bonus, with a copy mailed to each participant for the appropriate tax year.
  • I agree to allow the use of my name, photography, and/or likeness for advertising and publicity purposes without further compensation by participating in this program.
Acknowledgment*:  By clicking here you acknowledgment and agree to the above, and you authorize Skeeter Boats to enroll you in the Skeeter Real Money membership program. Enrollment in the program is not automatic, you will be notified once your payment has been accepted and your enrollment package will be mailed to you.
When you click Submit you will be redirected to a new page confirming your registration and to arrange payment of the membership fees to begin your enrollment.
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