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A true multispecies fishing platform, the MX2025 delivers for walleye, smallies, lake trout, perch and everything in between. The MX2025 boasts huge front and rear casting decks, lower gunwales that let you fish closer to the water and a locking “rod holster” capable of holding 4 or more 12’ trolling rods. The all new MX2025 also features our new REACT™ Keel* design which virtually locks the hull to the water making it easier than ever to trace a contour line. So whether you’re casting spinnerbaits at weedlines, trolling crankbaits, or drifting leeches, you’re right where you want to be—on fish. Lucky it also has a 50 inch livewell .

* REACT™ keel proudly featured on Skeeter’s WX2190, MX2025 and MX1825 models.

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