Celebrating 75 Years of Excellence

As we celebrate our 75th Anniversary, we can picture Skeeter founder, Holmes Thurmond, working late nights designing and building the first Skeeter boat and then taking it out for its inaugural fishing trip. One thing is for certain, Holmes wanted to share his accomplishments with others. Since 1948, Skeeter has been a leader in providing the “experience.” Your time on the water is valuable. Time with family, time with friends, or time by yourself – just you vs. the fish. At Skeeter, we value giving you that perfect experience each time you take to the water, whether it’s for tournament fishing, cruising, skiing, or a weekend getaway. There is a passion amongst the Skeeter family that began 75 years ago. A passion for boating and fishing is our legacy, and it is part of each boat and trailer we build. From our employees to our nationwide network of dealers, this legacy makes us proud – proud that each boat is engineered and built with reliability, durability, quality, safety, performance, and innovation. We embrace it. We live it. We share it. One boat at a time, and still engineered like no other.